Electric Gate Repair and Installation in PDX Area

We specialize in gates that open and close automatically. If your gate is not functioning correctly, we are available 24/7 to come repair it. If you are a home owner looking to install an automatic  gate, we can go over the various types of gates and help you design the perfect setup for your exact needs. If you are a business owner and interested in securing your property with the convenience of managing access, we will assist you in the planning and installation. With over 15 years of experience and countless satisfied customers, we are a leading 24/7 gate repair service in the Portland area.

We Specialize in Gate Automation

Our experienced team can turn most types of manual gates into electrically controlled gates specific to your needs.  Then it can be controlled with card readers, vehicle tag readers, keypads, wireless transmitters (like a garage door opener) and even smart phones.

Our technicians ensure that the gate is properly installed and complies with all safety regulations. The code that relates to automated driveway and security gates is UL 325.

We fabricate, sell, install and repair most types of gate systems, operator systems and access control systems.  We have a shop where we fabricate all of our gates and do repairs as well. If you are considering an automated gate system and have questions, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your concerns.

24/7 Emergency Gate Services

Whether you have an iron or wooden gate, our expert team will provide effective repairs for the electrical opening system operating it.  Our technicians have immediate access to most materials, hardware and accessories required to repair most gates.

Safety is our number one priority. We are experts in installing new gate operators for your automatic gates in the Portland area.  Our certified professionals are well trained in the installation of sliding openers, solar openers, swing openers, and most any others on the market today.

Electric Gate Repair

We provide 24/7 automated gate repair services in the Portland area which means you can call us any hour of day or night.  Our certified technicians are always available and can provide quick welding jobs.  We are able to fix your gate mechanically and structurally around-the-clock. 

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If your gate was installed correctly and you lose power, the gate will do one of the following:

1. The gate will automatically open and stay open until the power comes back.

2. The gate will default to the unlocked position, and will open by hand.

3. The gate will operate like normal using backup power.

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Our Services

  • FREE Opener Installation Estimate
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  • FREE Gate Replacement Estimate
  • General Gate Repair & Maintenance
  • Manufacturer Recommended Service
  • Safety Devices/Sensors Installation
  • Keypad System Installation/Repair
  • Intercom System Installation
  • Access Control
  • Phone Control
  • Backup Battery Installation
  • Gate level/Hinge Adjustment
  • Gate Rollers Replacement/Adjustment
  • Main Control Board Diagnostic Testing
  • Gate Installation
  • Sliding Gate Opener Installation
  • Swing Gate Opener Installation
  • Custom Gates at Customer Request
  • Gate Automation
  • Fabrication & Welding for Gates
  • 24 Hour Emergency Gate Repair

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